Fit4Health 2021: Access to Care

Maternal and newborn health, Emergency care

The care of pregnant women and patient flow in emergency departments: a challenge of access to care and optimization of flows:

The aim of Fit4Health 2021 is to explore and address needs in access to care, with two focus areas: maternal and newborn health and emergency care. The places of observation will be at the AP-HP Paris in France and Hospital Saint-Louis in Senegal.


One challenge – two focus areas:

  • Identify and address needs of pregnant women’s access to care, before, during and after childbirth in two complex care pathway contexts in France and Senegal.
  • Identify and address needs related to access to Hospital emergencies department (congestion, diagnosis, referral of patients).


Fit4Health 2021 will explore Social entrepreneurship:

We’ll hire fellows who wants to develop solutions for societal challenges using business skills and methods, in a non-profit framework. A collaborative and participative vision, in order to implement innovative solutions with the stakeholders, according to their needs and means.

Fellows will have to develop two innovative solutions to address important needs in two constrained health systems. These solutions will have to fit naturally into existing infrastructures and healthcare systems.


Reverse Innovation:

The program will be based on the Need-Led innovation methodology, but also using a “Reverse innovation” approach (Recommendations of Federation of the Academy for Medicine; Articles by Vijay Govindarajan; Chris Trimble, Jeffrey R. Immelt/General Electric). Reverse innovation is a concept developed by researchers in humanities and social sciences to describe the contribution of innovation from emerging to developed countries.

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